AnyColourYouLike – Paintings & Canvases

First off – thank you so much for your comments! Omer & I love them! ♥

I had originally planned to add something other than just paintings to this set, but when Kat wanted to know where some of these paintings were from, I decided to just hurry up and finish and post these.

My game lacks good canvas paintings – these add a little more variety, I think. There are 10 wall-hung prints & 26 canvas paintings for your artist’s homes or art galleries or whatever. The wall-hung one’s require the Collectible Traveller mesh that comes with the Bon Voyage EP. The mesh for the canvas paintings [from Well Dressed Sims] is included in the .zip archive.

And also: if anyone knows of more canvas meshes, please do let me know! I’d like to add more to this set, whenever I can.

This is probably my last update for a while since school reopens soon and I have a busy schedule this term being my last one at school. I will try to leave itsy bitsy downloads here whenever I can though.

I hope you like! 😀

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35 thoughts on “AnyColourYouLike – Paintings & Canvases

  1. Thank you thank you! *hugs*
    I’ve been searching for decent canvas paintings for my more artistically inclined sims as well, but was getting frustrated finding ones that ‘fit.’

    I don’t know if it counts, but I’ve experimented with a few recolours of Mirake’s Oala board:

    Nothing amazing, but IMO it has potential.

  2. Don’t have Bon Voyage, but thank you so much for the floor paintings, Rida. You and Omer are doing a fabulous job!!!

  3. I adore these paintings and Canvases! Your site is fast becoming my favorite…Thank you so much for making our game so much more enjoyabl.

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    • Oh wow Jenna, that is odd. Hmm. I’m sure I included the mesh in it, but just to be sure, try to download the mesh from here and then see?
      Please do let me know if it does (or does not) work!

  5. Great recolors with georgeous pictures! I was wondering where you’ve got those pics and graphics from? Who are the artists?

    • Hi, Heidi. Thank you. The pictures and graphics are from various sources all over the Internet – I’m afraid some of the places I got these from had no credit and so I have no idea who made the originals. I’m assuming that these were taken from flickr and dA accounts but then that doesn’t really tell much as to who the real artists were. Sorry about that.

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