Astronomy-related Deco

Just a couple of recolors I did for my astronomer’s house. Set includes: books, board, paintings, maps, posters, globes, and various books piled together. All meshes have been included.

Mesh credits: Mira, Cassandre, LivingDeadGirl, Around The Sims, aikea_guinea, Simply Styling, Lirunchik, Maxis – Freetime

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The Scientist

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an astronomer. My brother, too. And now he’s majoring in engineering and I’m majoring in graphic design, but he is still a hard-core astronomer at home. This house was based on him and his hobby.

I did a bunch of recolors for this house which will be released shortly. If you have any WCIF’s please leave a comment and I’ll reply to you soon as I can. Clicking on an image will enlarge it. If you prefer though, you may see the album on imagur.

He lives right on the outskirts of town, near a broken-down factory and an almost-non-functional bus station.

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New Neighborhood.

I love the excitement that comes when you start a completely new neighborhood. I have so many plans for Portland even though I’ve edited it and messed it up a little. You’ll be getting updates pretty soon. I already have an ice-cream shop & bakery done, and anĀ astronomerĀ sim and his house. Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, you’ll be getting regular updates as I populate my neighborhood. (: