About & TOU

Welcome to Nonsensica. This is a sims 2 blog, where I share my recolors and in-game snapshots. You may do with my creations as you please. Comments and suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!

I am Rida,  I love cats, rain & cutesy things. Also, I crave cake way past midnight when it’s impossible to get any. Nonsensica originally belonged to Omer’s & me. Omer has now moved onto his own blog – PeaceAndUnrest, and all of his previous downloads at Nonsensica are currently unavailable. Omer’s files are FSF, though, so you can definitely share his old stuff through emails, or at forums.

I try to update Nonsensica whenever I am inspired/playing the Sims, but I don’t promise regular updates.

All of my files are FSF, so if I’m unable to send anyone anything, please feel free to ask around at forums to see if anyone else can pass on the files to you.