Tumblr Followers Gift 02


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Coffee House

I finally got around to packaging and uploading the coffee house. It’s a fully-furnished version, with CC from many, many, many lovely creators.


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Please use Clean Installer when Installing and keep in mind that I have NL, Uni, OFB, BV, AL and FT installed as well as the Ikea and Mansions & Gardens Stuff Packs installed. If you do not have all/one of these EP’s installed, it is possible the lot may not work in your game.


Little Motel: Another Set of Wallpapers

I woke up in a state of distress today. I’ve always suspected I’m rather stupid but today I just proved it. I spoiled my portfolio sketchbook by spilling water on it and letting it soak – all while I was asleep. Now I have to replace the cover and probably re-draw all of my sketches. Urgh. </endrant>

Anyway. The update. I found a lot of lovely wallpapers and decided my Sims needed them, so here they are! A set of 7 wallpapers, all of them priced at $1 and found under the ‘wallpapers’ tab. Oh, and ignore the fact that they are named differently in the game, please, I started listening to this while doing the preview. Also please ignore the fact that I suck at previews.