Coffee Time is any time

I love cafes. There’s just something about the quiet ones, that are slightly dark and warm, which makes me want to stay there all day. I thought my sims might like a place like that as well. So here is a cafe owned by a sim who travels out far and often. He’s hardly ever home so he basically lives out of his suitcases… but when he is home, he opens up the cafe and welcomes company that enjoys hearing of places far, far away. He lives in a tiny apartment above the cafe.

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The Scientist

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an astronomer. My brother, too. And now he’s majoring in engineering and I’m majoring in graphic design, but he is still a hard-core astronomer at home. This house was based on him and his hobby.

I did a bunch of recolors for this house which will be released shortly. If you have any WCIF’s please leave a comment and I’ll reply to you soon as I can. Clicking on an image will enlarge it. If you prefer though, you may see the album on imagur.

He lives right on the outskirts of town, near a broken-down factory and an almost-non-functional bus station.

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