New Neighborhood.

I love the excitement that comes when you start a completely new neighborhood. I have so many plans for Portland even though I’ve edited it and messed it up a little. You’ll be getting updates pretty soon. I already have an ice-cream shop & bakery done, and anĀ astronomerĀ sim and his house. Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, you’ll be getting regular updates as I populate my neighborhood. (:


A Very Late Notice

Hey everyone!

I don’t even know if anyone will check up and read on this post, but I’ll put this up here regardless. First off: Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours have a lovely day filled with amazing food!

Secondly: no, I did not die on the plane on my way here; I got here safe and sound and am very much in love with America and the people here, but not so in love with the food. Haha. And my Uni. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful, it’s so … creative and it’s just one of the most beautiful campus-less universities anyone could ever wish for!

Thirdly: I’m so sorry there hasn’t been any update here, and no news either. I’m sorry I disappeared from the community; I was too caught up with university and settling in here. I forgot my Windows CD at home in Pakistan so I haven’t been able to play or to create any cc for the game. But that will change soon hopefully as I asked my dad to send me my CD. Yay!

And so, if anyone wants any meshes or recolors or anything, please go to forums like SimsFileVault and BlackPearlSims as I will probably be unable to email you any files for a while until I am back to updating this place again. Sorry for any discomfort that might cause to anyone, and once again, I’m so sorry for this very late and overdue post!

Love to all! x


I’m Alive!

Hellu! I’m sorry I’ve been away for months, and have been neglecting this blog. I don’t have any goods with me this time I update, but I just thought I’d let you know that I fired up my game today! I also wanted to change the blogs look. Hurrah, it’s done, I’m back, and my SimPE’s fixed! =^.^=

My game is currently empty of all the new updates from around the community except for the amazing bedroom by lirunchik at BPS, and Mira’s latest updates. That’s what made me make the room above. It’s not amazing, nothing exceptional, not even my style, but I still like it.

As for the layout, I was tired of the old one, and I thought I’d start it with a new look. I prefer this one for now. If all the comments make it hard for you to scroll down the blog, just click on the ‘Hide threads’ link at the top of this page, and all the comments will be minimized. The keyboard shortcuts will also be of help.

By the way, I’ve already started doing some recolors for you! So you can expect an update around here soon. (:


additional credits: mirake, lirunchik, adele, mts2, birgit, simply styling.