Neighborhood Community Lots

Community lot ideas for my custom neighborhood. This list is for keeping track as I go along.
  • ice-cream shop
  • cemetery
  • motel
  • second hand/used books store [wip]
  • art gallery
  • clothing store
  • bakery [wip]
  • coffee house [wip]
  • asian restaurant [alexxschmidt, edited]
  • urban garden
  • eco-cafe
  • middle-eastern restaurant
  • asian tea house
  • rooftop garden/patio
  • cheap diner
  • farmers market/grocery
  • mini-market/general store
  • thrift store [GoS]
  • library
  • school [wip]
  • arcade
  • internet cafe
  • parks: for children, for walkers, for sports.
  • stadium
  • stargazers society
  • gym
  • tailor shop
  • photocopy shop
  • art store
  • bookstore
  • flower shop / nursery

Updated: May 09, 2013.


Coffee House

I finally got around to packaging and uploading the coffee house. It’s a fully-furnished version, with CC from many, many, many lovely creators.


Click here to see entire lot.


Please use Clean Installer when Installing and keep in mind that I have NL, Uni, OFB, BV, AL and FT installed as well as the Ikea and Mansions & Gardens Stuff Packs installed. If you do not have all/one of these EP’s installed, it is possible the lot may not work in your game.


Coffee Time is any time

I love cafes. There’s just something about the quiet ones, that are slightly dark and warm, which makes me want to stay there all day. I thought my sims might like a place like that as well. So here is a cafe owned by a sim who travels out far and often. He’s hardly ever home so he basically lives out of his suitcases… but when he is home, he opens up the cafe and welcomes company that enjoys hearing of places far, far away. He lives in a tiny apartment above the cafe.

Clicking on an image will enlarge it, and the continue reading button will lead you to seeing the entire house/cafe.

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